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Through Sales, Installation and Electrical Services, Champion Lighting is built to help your business Be Seen and See Better!

Who we are:

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Since 1986, personally and professionally delivered to your door.


We’ve learned over the years how beneficial these programs are to our customers, taking the time, worry and effort out of your lighting and electrical needs

LED Conversion

LED is the latest example. LED conversions really are a bright idea!

Exterior Sign Service

We have the expertise and equipment required to service your exterior signage. As our company tag-line states … ‘Be Seen’!

Champion Lighting Sign - Champion Lighting


Lighting Specialist

A man of Faith, a family man and a man of integrity. From the most basic of lighting needs, LED conversions, electrical services, exterior sign services and everything in between, Darin is your onsite Specialist, available to assess and customize the need. He is your local, one-stop resource for information, quotes, delivery, install, maintenance and electrical. Darin partners with our Journeyman Electrician-Administrator as well as our Exterior Sign Specialist to help your company ‘Be Seen and See Better’.

Darin Mcdaniel - Champion Lighting

Product Spotlight

BioLite - Champion Lighting

HeadLamp 330

No-Bounce Rechargeable Head Light


Experience top-tier performance with a fit unlike any headlamp you’ve experienced thanks to our proprietary 3D SlimFit Construction. With a front profile of only 9mm and weighing only 69g, the headlamp sits flush on the forehead without worry of bounce or slippage. Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry for any activity and the rechargeable battery means you can leave the alkalines behind.

  • Max Output 330 Lumens
  • Red Night Vision Included
  • Front Panel Tilts Down
  • 40 hours on LO, 3.5 Hours on HIGH
  • Recharge Via Micro USB
  • Available in 4 Colors

The Original ‘Champion’

In 1986, Champion Lighting was founded by Herald Hadley, a Kansas University NCAA Track & Field Champion.

Herald has since retired, but the lighting company he built, more than 30 years later, continues to grow and shine bright!

Herald Hadley - Champion Lighting